In the begining

Following Genesis,
God created the world one day at a time, or one event at a time. Still cant figure out why in his awesome power he didn’t get it all compiled and running in one move.

Perhaps there’s a lesson in there for the rest of us wanna-be creators, go at it one event at a time.
I seem to be learning this the hard way, so many ideas, working on all and getting none launched(yet). Today is the beginning of my creation story done like he did it, one event at a time.

But first, “Let there be caffeine!!!”…and there was none for i am stuck in the faculty lab and not on a laptop in my room where caffeine runneth forth like a river.

Watch this space



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4 responses to “In the begining

  1. Sha9ne

    Back to creativity…. I thought it was relative…

    • lol. Needs to be redefined as a unique arrangement of preexisting components. A new perspective. We already established that you cannot create from what you have never seen/experienced

  2. haha…I thought you were not a fan of caffeine

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