VLC on Backtrack

So my Windows7 OS crashed last weekend. Now running Backtrack5 as my primary OS and Windows7(for now, may shift to XP later) as a secondary OS. Backtrack for work and XP for gaming

Backtrack came with a number of bugs after install as most linux distros do. 

Starting with the all too annoying Startx bug. The screen goes blank and hangs after the startx command. Fixed by booting to the backtrack recovery mode and running the startx fix. Easy enough, well not at first, far too many blogs have far too many ways of fixing and they all seem to work for atleast somebody.

The latest bug solved is, running VLC in root. After installing VLC, you cannot run it as root, to change this, edit /usr/bin/vlc with vi or hex/text editor of your choice and among the muck find the line


and replace it with the line


It is important to remember developers disable running programs as root for a reason and doing so can damage your distro.Only do so if you know your way around linux and around root

Next step is getting chrome to work as root


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