My SQL.. Yes mine

So lately I’ve been building an sms marketplace for one of the sms companies here in Kampala. Without giving too much away its basically a Marketplace where buyers get to know when someone selling an item they previously texted about is on the database(or is available). They get sent the seller’s number and that’s that.

Been deploying it to a painfully slow Windows 2000 server and faced a problem I’d previously avoided. If you use Wamp server you will know there is no clear way to change or set the MySQL password on install, for noobs at least. I previously avoided this problem by having my code use the default wamp MySQL password of ‘ ‘.. Yes, nothing. Not good for security i know but i was just building, hacking and testing Apache and django. But that wont do for deployment.

There are a number of ways to do this, many of them quite long and wordy but this works too. Here is the short easy way of changing the default MySQL password in wamp. For the sake of clarity am using wamp server 2.2

  1. Go to the bin directory of your MySQL instance in wamp. C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.0.51b\bin on my machine
  2. To make sure you’re in the right place type ‘mysqladmin’ without the quotes and hit return(Enter key). If you get a whole bunch of text, you’re good.
  3. Use 'mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASS' replacing NEWPASS with your new password and leaving out the ''

Thanks to a whole lot of blogs that i will not bother to list here but most especially thanks to the good folks over at stack overflow



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2 responses to “My SQL.. Yes mine

  1. What caught my eye was Windows Server 2000 and we are in 2013. Oh Uganda

    • You wouldnt believe the number of firms running antique MS Server versions. Had another issue recently with a Server 2008 and a faulty curl lib in PHP. Everything in me screamed UPDATE!!! but they were running other apps and the potential compatibility nightmare wasn’t worth it.

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