Backtrack5 R2 KDE startx bug fix

So you get Backtrack and you’re excited to see the red dragon but when the boot sequence is complete and you type the “startx” command, nothing happens!!! blank screen!!!.

This is a well documented bug. I will not try to explain how or why it happens, just posting the fix that worked for me.

First things first. For clarification I am using BT5 KDE R2 on an Acer Aspire 5742

What didn’t work

The most common option revolves around typing

“find . –type f  -iname “*.kcache” –delete”

at /root/.kde. Basically what the above command does is delete all kcache files in the directory /root/.kde. There are a couple of other methods that use slightly different commands but do the same thing.

This never worked for me

What worked

During boot at the level where you have to select backtrack boot options, press Tab. At the end of the line you see, add

i915.modeset=1 noapci noapci nosplash

Some blogs suggested using

xforcevesa noapci noapci nosplash

The option with xforcevesa worked for me initially but some of the UI elements were not loading right. Definitely because I am using an Intel Graphics card.

Make it Parmanent

The above solution works fine when you’re running a live CD or just testing out the OS. But if you install it, you don’t have to keep typing the command whenever you boot.

Do the following;

  1. Edit /etc/default/grub/
  2. Change the line “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”text splash nomodeset=1 vga=791″ “ by replacing “text splash nomodeset=1 vga=791” with “1915.modeset=1 noapci noapci nosplash
  3. Save and follow normal boot process

That should sort you out. All the best



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2 responses to “Backtrack5 R2 KDE startx bug fix

  1. neil

    Thanks it worked for me, the command starts with “xforce…****” ..Thank u very much.

    • Glad to hear that.

      Check kali out. I installed the 32bit iso and it worked straight out of the box. Non of the issues we used to have with backtrack installs

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