KDE Time and Tumblr

Reading about Tumblr and Yahoo’s $1bn acquisition of it. Quite a thing. Also, reminds me of a commentary i read on the tech bubble days(think Netscape) where companies with no real profit model but large user base were over valued.

Not that that is what this is, Yahoo can find a way to make money from all those users, advertising is the default method but they can come up with something in that space. Thinking about how Google is currently(and annoyingly) putting ads before and inside all youtube videos.
Also brings to mind the startup and tech scene in Africa and the funding challenge but that is another post for another day.
Well, all the best to them.
And now the KDE
My BT OS crashed again, i am using kubuntu now, buggy with the desktop chat widget and with the digital clock widget but generally OK.
KDE Digital clock widget Fix;
I had set my time zone to current location via the GUI but time was always displayed as UTC.
This never changed even after attempts at manually correcting it via GUI.
Fixed it with the folliowing command
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
..with that, follow the easy steps to select your region and all should be good.

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