Dedicated to your unfinished poems, notes, writings…

This is dedicated to your unfinished poems.
those brilliant flashes of genius,
streaks of literary wizardry that came spewing forth on some idle Tuesday afternoon.
Just a few unfinished lines,
brilliantly incomplete like an unfinished love affair.
Meeting again after all that time, you wonder if you could,
just maybe, possibly, pick it up again,
follow the perfect opening act,
write a sequel to a master piece,
and risk tarnishing greatness with mediocrity.
You try to revisit you back then,
but it isn’t the same,
the sun shines differently today,
the tracks your old train of thought followed have faded.
So you let it lie, and turning away, channel your inner Bogart and say,
as nonchalantly as can be faked,
“we shall always have Paris”


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4 responses to “Dedicated to your unfinished poems, notes, writings…

  1. Had the same question as Guulo,
    But I so relate with what you are saying, I have a couple of articles pending and I can’t figure out how to finish them. So I dedicate them to you 🙂
    PS: Let me know if you want to finish them.

    • Dave you should watch Casablanca. Epic movie. I am trying to download it. Thats where the line comes from. You will understand once you have watched the movie.

      Dude thanks, nobody’s ever dedicated an unfinished article to me. This means a lot.

      And no i wont finish them. Just bite the bullet and go finish them.

  2. “we shall always have Paris” I always wonder about this line. You ought to write such pieces more often

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