One Monday Morning

I normally work all night on Sundays(like i am now), so i can take Monday morning off. Cant think of a better way to start the week.

Last Monday was different though, i joined a good friend of mine Sidi as mentors at the Raise Program. It is an education and career guidance programs that runs during the holidays and selected days during the school term, teaching kids of all ages skills they wouldn’t otherwise learn in class. It exposes them to a lot that they will need to succeed and hopefully gives them the courage to go after their dreams aggressively.
I always think back to that afternoon Patrick Bitature came to Namilyango and shared about his past and the drive he had to get to where he is. Made a huge impact on me, and continues to do so in many ways. Not just him but so many others, Herbert Kamuntu who was the logistics manager(and my department head) during my time at Coca Cola Sabco whose management style still serves something to aspire to personally. This would be an endless list of people. So many have in various ways contributed not just to who i am but also to who i aspire to be.
So on Monday, after sitting through a session where the kids were taught basic ways to identify your passion, followed a meet and greet where they could come up to us and ask us anything. I can only hope what Sidi and i shared inspired one child, even if just one, not to necessarily get into computing but the benefits of passion, honesty and hard work.
That for me was one Monday morning well spent

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    The benefits of passion, honesty and hard work

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