The Robot and You

2012 saw the release of a very good movie called The Robot and Frank, in which the lead character Frank gets attached to an assistive robot in ways he did not expect. It brought up an interesting concept that has been explored numerous times, of the attachments and connections people develop with the technology they use. Attachments beyond merely having needs met.

This raises a challenge for designers and developers of consumer technology and solutions. Effective technology today more than meets a particular need but becomes an important part of life for the people that use it. A part of themselves in a way. And this is something i try to keep in mind when working on IT and software solutions for people. 
I once saw the funny but very insightfull phrase on an Ubuntu sticker a few years ago, “Created for humans”. 
Software and solutions should be “created for human life”. My biggest goal and that of the teams i work with at Coin Media and Out of Ideas, is keeping in mind the end user and realising the impact, or lack there-of that the things we build can and will have on their lives. 
This is what keeps us up on caffeine filled work sessions, the joy and excitement that comes from creating, from innovating solutions and technology for human life.  

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