Web2Py and GAE

Been having a couple of other issues in deploying the app i am currnetly working on to web2py

For starters after deploying the app locally using
google_appengine/dev_appserver.py ~/web2py ,
i was getting the following error
no module named gaehandler
The way to fix this is to look inside the web2py handlers folder(web2py/handlers) and move gaehandler.py to the root folder i.e web2py/.
The all handlers were moved to the handlers folder, any others you need will be found in there.
When this was fixed, this sprung up
AppEngine does not index by: text
This was raised because i use SQL Smartgrid in my app and is fixed by changing referenced fields in my model from the ‘text’ type to ‘string’.
Once these were fixed, dead and burried, i finally deployed to the google servers using the command below. You will notice it uses Oauth, this makes for a much much easier authentication during repeated  deployment and upgrades

google_appengine/appcfg.py --oauth2 update ~/web2py



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2 responses to “Web2Py and GAE

  1. akismet-417a51f9fe8dcfdda7188d4d8130938a

    Thank you so much, I’ve spent many many hours trying to get web2py on my local GAE SDK, searching forums for the gaehandler issue, and it was as simple as copying the gaehandler to the root file.

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